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  1. She awoke to a slap in the face. Startled, she looked around for the source of the assault and saw a tall older woman peering down at her. The woman brusquely inspecting her. She examined her body, scalp and teeth, as if she were livestock for sale at market. She spoke quickly in the foreign tongue to another women, who was taking notes. She removed the gag and spoke to her in a different language that she also didn�t understand. Then she spoke to her in her own language. �How old have you?� Her tone was harsh and not all the words made sense as she clearly wasn�t fluent, but it was enough for her to understand. �Sixteen� was all she replied. The woman spoke to the notary, conveying this foreign tongue and it was scribbled down. �You have husband. You have children?� questioned the woman. She decided not to answer this time, and this was rewarded by and even harsher slap. �No, not married or children� she replied. �You know man?� came the old woman�s next question. �Which man?� was her reply as the question didn�t make sense. The woman looked at her puzzled by her response, then rephrased the question �Has a man known you?�. She thought for a minute and then it came to her, she means had she had sex.

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